How do I get the $200 additional HSA/HRA Contribution?

Primary participants on the CDHP are eligible to receive an additional $200 HSA/HRA contribution. To receive the supplemental contribution for Plan Year 2019 (PY19), a participant will need to complete two sets of requirements:



Complete 4 preventive requirements:

1. Annual wellness physical exam
2. Annual wellness lab work
3. Dental exam
4. Dental cleaning



1. Complete the Healthcare Bluebook Guided Tour


2. Complete the registration for Doctor on Demand

In order to receive credit for the Doctor on Demand registration you must use:

  • Healthscope Benefits as the insurance company; and
  • State of Nevada as the employer.

For the Healthcare Bluebook guided tour, you must follow and complete all steps in order to get credit. If you do anything outside of the guided tour while completing the tour, it will automatically be paused for you and when you go back you should be taken back to the place in which you left off.

For more information on this benefit, click here.

For technical support with Doctor on Demand please click here.