Health and Wellness

Interested in joining our Healthy Lifestyle challenge and getting a chance of having your story highlighted in our January Newsletter? If so, please send an email to with a before and after picture, a couple of sentences explaining your journey of how choosing to live a healthy lifestyle has impacted your life and possibly those around you and a completed Consent and Release Form as well as a Release of Information Form. Submissions need to be emailed by December 1, 2020.

Health & Wellness care is an important part of your overall healthcare routine. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps reduce your risk of developing certain diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Though each of us may have different goals for our health, taking simple steps in the right direction leads to positive life changes and helps us to achieve these goals. To help you as you work to create a comprehensive healthcare plan and maintain the best health possible, we have gathered together some health education resources.

  • Healthy People Newsletters from HealthScope Benefits highlights a healthy tip each month. These are posted under Resources, Newsletters and Mailings
  • Ever in a rut and out of ideas of what to make for dinner? To view some healthy recipes click here
  • Health Plan of Nevada has published Nourished Magazine for health education and a weight management program
  • Looking for an exercise plan? View the High Intensity Interval Training/Deep Breathing Exercise card in English or Spanish
  • Let’s get the kids involved as well, check out this Healthy Kids challenge
  • Interested in getting started on a Ketogenic meal plan? View this 5-day Ketogenic Getting Started Guide
  • This Food Exercise Diary Booklet is a guide to daily food choices
  • View the Power of Nutrition booklet for nutrition basics, reading labels, probiotic rich foods, and complex carbohydrates information

As you age, wellness and preventive screening tests such as colonoscopies, hearing tests, skin cancer examinations, and hypertension evaluations should be part of your preventive check-up schedule. You should always consult with your physician to determine what your individual screening needs might be. You should also consult with your health plan administrator to learn if a particular test, preventive evaluation, or lifestyle education course is covered under your benefit plan. For CDHP and EPO members contact HealthScope Benefits at 1-888-763-8232. For HPN members contact 702-242-7300 or 1-800-777-1840.

If you are a CDHP or EPO member click here to enroll in our Obesity Care Management program and to view enrollment and eligibility requirements.

If you are a HPN member and are interested in checking out any of the Health and Wellness classes please visit or call 702-877-5356, toll-free 1-800-720-7253, TTY 711. Monday through Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm.

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Health Plan of Nevada (HMO) – Southern Nevada
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