Corestream is a third-party provider for consolidated payroll deduction billing and voluntary benefits brokerage services. Corestream has partnered with PEBP to offer a package of voluntary products through the reinstated enrollment tool effective 5/1/2022.

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*Please note that voluntary benefits are unavailable to survivors of retirees. Certain voluntary benefits offered through The Standard are unavailable to retirees including short and long-term disability, and hospital indemnity insurance.

Voluntary Benefit FAQ’s

Accident Insurance

Group Accident Insurance can help you cover your out-of-pocket expenses associated with an accidental injury and help protect your savings. No one plans to have an accident but having the right insurance coverage can help ease the financial pain through a lump sum payment issued directly to you. You can use the lump sum amount towards your deductible and/or other expenses. Gain the power to make treatment decisions without putting your finances at risk.

Auto and Homeowner’s Insurance

Start saving on your Auto and Home Insurance by choosing from three of the nation’s top providers, offering plans that fit your lifestyle with special group discounts. A variety of insurance policies are available through the program including auto, home, landlord’s rental dwelling, condo, mobile home, renter’s, recreational vehicle, boat, personal excess liability (“umbrella”), and fire.

Critical Illness

You can’t predict cancer or a heart attack. But you can take action to help protect your finances. In today’s economy, that can be even more important. With Critical Illness insurance, you’ll get a check paid directly to you if you’re diagnosed with a covered illness — for the amount stated in your plan. And you’ll receive that benefit regardless of treatment costs or what your medical insurance covers.

Hospital Indemnity

Planned or unplanned, a trip to the hospital can be scary. Even when you have medical insurance, the expenses can add up. Hospital Indemnity insurance can help. It pays you a fixed benefit for every day you’re in the hospital, up to a plan maximum — regardless of your other coverage, and the benefit payment goes directly to you.

*This voluntary product is unavailable for retirees.

Identity Theft

Last year over 14.4 million customers became victims of identity theft. That’s nearly 40,000 victims per day. ID theft protection can go far beyond just credit monitoring and free breach solutions.

Legal Services

LegalEase can assist with legal matters such as: estate planning, family law, traffic offenses, juvenile matters, immigration assistance, and child custody cases. Legal Services can help you find the extra guidance you need, when you need it.

Long Term Disability

While health insurance pays your doctor, disability insurance pays you — directly. Group Long Term Disability insurance pays a monthly benefit if you experience a disability that lasts for several months or years and meet the plan requirements. Help replace a portion of your income when you’re unable to work so you can focus on recovering.

*This voluntary product unavailable for retirees.

Pet Insurance

Protect your pet and your wallet with exceptional savings on veterinary bills. You’ll find coverage for your furry, feathery and scaly friends that fits your needs and your budget. Your pet insurance rate is case by case, so underwriting will depend upon animal, breed, age, etc. After enrolling in the benefit coverage, you will be able to see the premium cost.

Short Term Disability

What steps have you taken to help shield yourself and your loved ones from an unexpected loss of income? Would you be able to meet your financial obligations if you became disabled and unable to work? The STD plan provides three options with various Benefit Waiting Periods. The Benefit Waiting Period is the period of time you must be disabled before benefits become payable. Help replace a portion of your income when you’re unable to work so you can focus on recovering.

*This voluntary product unavailable for retirees.

Vision Care

Nevada Public Employees’ Benefits Program and VSP provide you with a choice of affordable vision plans. Choose the eye care essentials, or upgrade to the Premier Program and give your eyes extra love. Enroll in VSP Vision Care to get personalized care from a VSP network doctor at low out-of-pocket costs. Save on eyewear and eye care when you see a VSP network doctor. Plus, take advantage of Exclusive Member Extras for additional savings. With an average of five VSP network doctors within six miles of you, it’s easy to find a nearby in-network doctor. Plus, maximize your coverage with bonus offers and additional savings that are exclusive to Premier Program locations.

Voluntary Life

Group policy Voluntary Life insurance is a financial protection plan that provides a cash benefit to a beneficiary upon the death of the insured. Voluntary Life insurance is an addition to the Life insurance active and retired members already receive for their State service.


Other Voluntary Vendors and Programs


Deferred Comp/VOYA

Nevada Deferred Comp (NDC) is a voluntary retirement savings plan, to increase your personal savings for retirement, serve as an essential supplement to your NVPERS pension, and possibly lower your current taxable income. To view the summary plan document, NDC enrollment form, and the payroll contribution form click here.


The Retired Public Employees of Nevada (RPEN), is an organization that addresses the problems of active and retired employees. Please see their Newsletter for more information or complete their Membership Application.

TIAA Cref.

The Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association (TIAA) is offered to NSHE employees. If you currently have a retirement plan with TIAA Cref they recommend that you meet with a financial assistant at least once a year. To set up your appointment or for more information please visit

Nevada Prepaid Tuition

Tuition prices increase an average of 6% a year, but you can get tomorrow’s in-state tuition at today’s prices with Nevada Prepaid Tuition.

For more information regarding Student Loan OmbudsmanNV529 College Saving Pans, Millennium Scholarship for High School Students, Millennium Scholarship, and Kick Start Program click on the program you are interested in.

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