Below are the benefits rates for State Retirees (who do not qualify for a premium subsidy) for the Plan Year 2017. Use the table to help you calculate what your benefits plan will cost.

To learn more about what’s included with each plan, visit the Plan Benefits & Documents section of this site.

To view 2016 rates, use this document.

State Retirees without Subsidy

Rates Effective

July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017

Statewide PPO Statewide HMO
Consumer Driven Health Plan Hometown Health Plan and Health Plan of Nevada
Participant Premium Participant Premium
Retiree only 580.78 746.12
Retiree + Spouse 1,060.75 1,464.37
Retiree + Child(ren) 765.62 1,079.93
Retiree + Family 1,248.10 1,798.08
Surviving/Unsubsidized Dependent 580.78 746.12
Surviving/Unsubsidized Spouse + Child(ren) 765.62 1,079.83