Retirees and covered spouses/domestic partners enrolled in a medical plan through the Medicare Exchange and retirees with Tri-Care for Life and Medicare Parts A and B are eligible to elect PEBP’s dental insurance. The following table provides the monthly premium cost for State and Non-State retirees.

To learn more about benefits for Medicare Retirees, visit the Plan Benefits & Documents section of this site.

Voluntary Dental Insurance Rates for Medicare Exchange Retirees

Rates Effective

July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017

State Retiree Rate Non-State Retiree Rate
Participant Premium Participant Premium
Retiree Only 36.78 36.84
Retiree + Spouse/DP 73.56 73.68
Surviving/Unsubsidized Spouse/DP 36.78 36.84