Find a Provider

PEBP does not maintain the provider list, so please verify with the provider that they are in-network. Select the tab below that corresponds with the coverage you are trying to access service from and then use the links to find in-network providers:

In order to receive the best health care possible and minimize your out-of-pocket expenses, you should access services from an in-network health care provider whenever possible. If your provider is not currently participating with the PEBP Statewide Network and is interested in becoming a contracted provider, please click here to fill out a nomination form.

Consumer Driven Health Plan

As a CDHP participant, you can use the links below to take you to the appropriate provider directory based on your location. From there, you will be able to search a list of in-network providers including pharmacy and dental providers and locations.

Out of State PPO Network Providers

Aetna Signature Administrators PPO CDHP National Preferred Provider Network is available to CDHP Participants who reside outside of Nevada or who live in Nevada but choose to seek health care outside of Nevada.

Dental Providers

Obesity Care Management Providers

Other Contracted Providers

Premier Plan Providers

Other Contracted Providers

Please always be sure to confirm with your provider directly to ensure services are in-network.

Health Plan of Nevada

As a Health Plan of Nevada participant, you should use the link below to help you find providers in your network. You will be able to search for providers based on a number of factors, such as address or physician specialty.

Find Dental Providers

Other Contracted Providers