We are happy to offer Nevada public employees easy-to-access, clear-cut, helpful information about their benefit plan so that they may maintain and manage a health care and wellness program that works best for their needs, budget, and lifestyle.

We’ve developed a Mission Statement and Values Statements around this philosophy, both of which can be found below. You can also view the plan: Strategic Plan April 2016.

Mission Statement

Recognizing the fiduciary responsibility of the Board, the Program shall design and manage a group health and life insurance program centered around the people we serve, promote a healthy population and protect members from medical related catastrophic financial loss.

Values Statements

  • PEBP strives to be an innovative health and life benefits program.
  • PEBP believes that protection from catastrophic healthcare expense to the participant is core to the program.
  • PEBP believes that personal responsibility is a cornerstone to the health and welfare of its members.
  • PEBP commits to providing tools to assist participants in managing their healthcare resources.
  • PEBP commits to maintaining transparency regarding the operation and finances of the plan.
  • PEBP commits to a clear communication of program design to all stakeholders.
  • PEBP commits to making available options for voluntary ancillary employee benefits as deemed appropriate by the Board [within statutory confines].